Freec Out in a Moonage Daydream


Freecloud is a planet in the Alpha Doradus system, Iconia sector, Beta Quadrant. Initially settled in 2180 by a schismatic group of Earth-descended Anarcho-Existentialists from the planet Silentum. Until the Federation drawdown of 2385, Freecloud was one of a handful of Federation-affiliated star systems in the so-called Thread, a narrow “isthmus” connecting two larger areas of Federation-controlled space, surrounded on all sides by the Klingon and Romulan empires. Freecloud’s proximity to three major star-civilizations and several important outer-Beta Quadrant trade routes, and its location just beyond the negotiated terminus of the Neutral Zone, along with the hyper-libertarian ethos of the founding Freeclouders — Freecs, as they’ve always called themselves — and along with their legendarily secret cryptobanks, have long made this “wide open” planet a haven not just for merchants, oligarchs and traders but for fugitives, outlaws, exiles and spies of every stripe and species. Refuge of lost causes, incubator of insurrections, last resting place of deposed monarchs and tyrants, hotbed of espionage and marketplace of secrets, Freecloud — and in particular its chief conurbation, Stardust city, on the shore of the Perfume Sea — has played a part in almost all the mischief cooked up at this end of the Beta Quadrant for the past two centuries.


Freecloud is a Venus-sized, M-Class planet orbiting the binary star Alpha Doradus (technical name: Alpha Doradus IV). Its surface has, almost as if to illustrate its denizens’ ethos of unity through individuality, one single continental landmass occupying somewhat less than half of its Northern and Southern Hemispheres, known as Panterra, and one single ocean, known as the Panpontine. Virtually Panterra’s entire million-mile coastline is mountainous, except at the mouths of its major rivers and around the inlets of three massive lakes or inland seas: two (called Yin and Yang) just north and south of the equator, and a third, the Perfume Sea, whose mouth is around the forty-third latitude south.

Stardust City

Capital city of Freecloud, at the Perfume Strait, where the Perfume Sea spills into the ocean. Area: 500 square kilometers. Population: 20,000,000 (not including the “transient” or off-world population).

Freecloud law enforcement

As with any anarchist community, the question of law enforcement is usually one of the first put to Freeclouders by off-worlders. A Freec’s standard answer: What law? The truth is that 1) Freecs have no incentive to commit economic crime and, due to the tight-woven networks of networks that connect individual Freecs to each other, crimes of violence are exceedingly rare. Freeclouders’ powerful doctrine of collective self-defense and mutual aid prevents, or speeds the resolution of, interpersonal conflicts.

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